Saturday, June 20, 2015

Inside Out...

...and upside down.

Well, not really upside down, but it went with "Inside Out."

I went and saw Inside Out last night. It is Pixar's latest movie, and it is a masterpiece. That's not a word I use lightly. I'm still trying to process what I feel after seeing the movie.

Honest opinion: Inside Out is the most important movie Pixar has made. It's a movie that is going to be studied in university classes. It's going to be mentioned in the list of animated movies that everyone should see, and I think it deserves a mention in with regular movies. I read a review that said the race for Best Animated Oscar is over. I can see that. I hope that Inside Out pulls a Beauty and the Beast and gets nominated for Best Picture. I think the Academy will avoid that, but Inside Out deserves it.

Inside Out is poetic. Now when I say that a book or movie is poetic, what I mean is that the work in question portrays story and emotion effectively, without wasting words. Inside Out uses all the tools of the medium in a spare manner to tell its story. Every element is doing work and working with the others to create a greater whole. This is a movie that I will need to see multiple times to fully appreciate each element.

On top of just being a great movie, Inside Out taught me an important lesson. Each emotion is important and has its place. Sure, everyone loves to be happy, but trying to be happy all the time is enormously stressful. Being sad maybe isn't necessarily enjoyable, but it is necessary sometimes. Allowing myself to be said will help me to process an emotionally tough time, work my way through it, and then achieve catharsis. Tears can be healing, if we let them.

I will need to see Inside Out  at least a couple more times before I really get a grip on how it makes me feel. I can't wait for it to be out on Blu-Ray so I can really absorb the movie. 

For now, go see Inside Out. You will love it. 

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